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Sports Rehabilitation

In today's competitive sports world even a slightest injury to a Sportsperson becomes a great set back to the team and country. Quick assessment, proper treatment and rehab are the order of the day. We at CSS are properly geared to meet any eventuality and bring back injured Sportspersons to their best shape.

CSS has with it a team of the best medical and allied personnel who understand sports injuries and are capable of imparting world class treatment. The Sports Rehabilitation Centre is equipped with latest gadgets and hysiotherapy equipment to rehabilitate injured athletes expeditiously. A team of fully trained physiotherapists are available to carry out specialized treatment techniques like Manual Therapy for Myofascial Trigger Points, Cryotherapy and low impact exercises using Medicine ball. A Hydrotherapy pool will also be utilized for rehabilitation of injuries. Athletic training can be done in the state of the art Fitness Centre which has an Indoor running track.

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