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Why is Nutrition important in sport?

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is a critical part of an athlete’s life. The choices you make every day about what and how much to eat are amplified when those choices directly impact sport performance, training, and recovery. From fuelling to recovery, muscle building to weight making, optimal nutrition ensures the best platform for your sporting success, whatever level you participate.

We are experts in this field, and provide clear and consistent guidance on fuelling a body for athletic performance:

CSS integrates the concepts of traditional sports nutrition, focused on exercise performance and recovery, with the concept of functional nutrition, which recognizes that every athlete responds differently to training, recovery, environmental factors and diet and therefore requires a personalized approach.

Our sports nutrition experts therefore apply the latest sport science theories to optimize performance and recovery within a framework that also promotes long-term health. This approach ensures that you will receive a bespoke plan, tailored to your specific lifestyle, exercise and recovery requirements allowing you to gain maximum benefit in a practical, achievable and sustainable way.

Our experts provide valuable information on diet and training that helps you achieve your goals, whether you exercise for general health and fitness, or you are an elite athlete looking for marginal gains. Our Sports Dietitian provides individual and group/team nutrition counseling and education to enhance the performance of competitive and recreational athletes, on-site and during travel.

Our services include counseling individuals and groups on daily nutrition for performance and health; translating the latest scientific evidence into practical sports nutrition recommendations; tracking and documenting outcomes of nutrition services, serving as a food and nutrition resource for coaches, trainers, and parents; providing sports nutrition education for health/wellness programs, athletic teams, and community groups; and maintaining professional competency and skills required for professional practice.

Process objectives of the nutritional intervention

  • To provide appropriate individualized recommendations that will address each player's goals and needs that were highlighted in the assessment
  • Factors such as training, competition and travel demands, socio-demographic considerations, medications and supplements, and food preferences will be taken into account.
  • To monitor progress and to reevaluate interventions.
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