Sri Ramachandra Arthroscopy
& Sports Sciences Centre



CSS has sourced its staff perfectly blending the human resources with International expertise and domestic talent.

Our Team of experts from South Africa:

Prof. Timothy Noakes
Professor of Exercise & Sports Science, University of Cape Town

Dr. Dale Rae
Exercise Scientist, University of Cape Town

Dr. Janine Gray
Consultant Research Coordinator, Cricket South Africa

Dr. Jon Patricios
Consultant Sports Physician, President of South African Sports Medicine Association

Dr. Helen Bayne
Head Biomechanist, Pretoria

Mr. Andrew Gray
Senior Biokineticist, Cape Town

Ms. Shelly Meltzer
Sports Nutrionist, Senior Lecturer & Head of Dietary Services, University of Cape Town

Mr. Paddy Upton
Sports Psychologist

Mr. Justin Durant
Senior Biokineticist & Manager – High Performance Centre, SSISA

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